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UK Freight Forwarding Services

Air Freight

Air freight, or air cargo, is air transportation for shipping goods. As one of the fastest modes of transportation globally, air freight utilises aircraft such as cargo planes, freighters and the belly capacities of passenger airlines to ship goods via air from their origin to destinations worldwide.

Sea Freight

Sea freight, also known as ocean freight, involves the shipment of cargo via container ships between ports around the world. As a sea freight forwarder, SLG Logistics specialises in arranging efficient transportation of goods by sea.

Land Trucking

Land trucking involves freight movement by road, offering a flexible and efficient means of delivery that can adapt to diverse transportation needs. At SLG Logistics, we offer land trucking as part of our freight forwarding services, which is a fundamental step of the global supply chain from the UK to South East Asia.

Warehousing Service

We recognise the important role of strategic warehousing in the success of your business, especially for UK companies looking to expand their reach into ASEAN markets. Our warehousing services are tailored to cater to various types of cargo, from large and bulky items to loose and small items.

Dangerous Cargo

Dangerous goods usually have explosive, flammable, corrosive and hazardous properties that require utmost caution and expertise. At SLG Logistics, we are experts in storing and transporting dangerous cargo internationally, and our specialist team are licensed to handle dangerous cargo from UN classes 2-9.

Perishable Cargo

SLG Logistics specialises in moving perishable cargo with the utmost care and precision. Understanding the sensitive nature of these goods, we ensure that each item reaches its destination in peak condition. Our services span from air freight for frozen food to perishable delivery solutions.

OOG Cargo

Out of gauge (OOG) cargo refers to items too big or oddly shaped to fit in a standard shipping container. This type of cargo requires special attention and expertise to handle safely and efficiently. At SLG Logistics, we specialise in managing these unique challenges as a special cargo freight forwarder.

Customs Clearance

Our licensed team of customs clearance brokers and entry writers specialise in providing expert customs brokerage services to remove the complexity of regulations and ensure the smooth transition of your cargo across borders. Whether road, sea or air freight customs clearance, SLG Logistics can support you with import and export customs.

Send Freight from UK to SE Asia

Need expert freight forwarding from the UK to Southeast Asia? SLG Logistics offers seamless and reliable solutions for your shipping needs. Our specialised services ensure your freight is transported efficiently, securely, and on time.

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Freight Forwarding FAQs

What does a freight forwarding company do?

A freight forwarding company, or an international freight forwarder, manages and organises shipments for individuals or corporations to get goods from the manufacturer or producer to a market, customer, or final point of distribution. They specialise in international shipping and are experts in handling the logistics necessary to ensure that goods arrive on time.

Freight forwarders are responsible for arranging the transport of goods between one destination and another. They use their expertise in logistics and international trade to choose the most appropriate and cost-effective transportation route, whether by air, sea, or road. Freight forwarders also handle logistical tasks like customs clearance, international freight documentation, and online tracking of shipments.

Freight forwarding from the UK includes pallet delivery, parcel shipping, air and sea freight services, and rail freight. Freight forwarders in the UK provide reliable shipping solutions for both UK domestic and international shipments. This can range from door-to-door delivery services to the complex movement of goods within the UK and international destinations.

To select the right international freight forwarder like SLG Logistics, consider their range of services and proven reliability in global shipments. Look for their expertise in sea, air and land freight, and assess their ability to offer tailored logistics solutions. Check if they are an international freight forwarding company and can import, export, and transport across the UK, ASEAN, and beyond. They must manage the entire shipping process efficiently to ensure their freight forwarding services have a reputation for cost-effective and reliable service, as they should always be ready to assist with your specific logistics needs, demonstrating their commitment as a leading logistics provider.

Ready to experience fast forwarding freight from the UK to Southeast Asia? Contact SLG Logistics today and let us accelerate your shipping success.

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