Land Trucking

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Land trucking involves freight movement by road, offering a flexible and efficient means of delivery that can adapt to diverse transportation needs. 

At SLG Logistics, we offer land trucking as part of our freight forwarding services, which is a fundamental step of the global supply chain from the UK to South East Asia. Our land freight solutions include long-distance hauls, local distribution, and special transport for unique or sensitive items. This service is key for last-mile delivery or as an extra step in the shipping process, ensuring goods reach their final destination safely and on time.

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What Goods Are Transported By Land Freight?

Land trucking is especially useful for transporting dangerous cargo, unlike sea and air freight. This is because it offers more direct control over the cargo and adherence to strict safety standards. Trucks for hazardous materials are equipped with specialised safety features, ensuring secure containment during transport.

Food & Beverages

Clothing & Textiles


Machinery & Tools

Medical Supplies


Auto Parts


Petroleum Products

Art & Valuables

Live Animals

Construction Materials

Why Choose Land Trucking?

Cost-Effective for Regional Routes

Land freight is often less expensive for regional routes. It’s perfect for deliveries within a country or to neighbouring nations, which makes it a cost-saving option for businesses focusing on regional distribution of last-mile delivery.

Local Warehousing and Distribution

Land transportation is key for moving goods from local warehouses to their final destinations. It allows for efficient handling and delivery of goods, ensuring they reach their end-point safely and quickly.

Speed and Flexibility

The speed and flexibility of land transportation make it a great choice for urgent deliveries. It can quickly adapt to changing schedules and routes, keeping supply chains efficient and responsive.

Delivery to Neighbouring Countries

Land freight is ideal for shipping goods to neighbouring countries. It’s great for regions with shared borders, like Singapore and Malaysia. This method ensures smooth border crossings and timely delivery to nearby destinations.

Our Land Trucking Process

Contract Truck

Cargo Pickup

Load Cargo

Items in Transit

Cross Border

Customs Check

Destination Arrival


Miles Covered




Deliveries On Time

Land Trucking FAQs

How long does land freight take?

Land freight delivery time varies based on several factors, such as the distance between the pickup and delivery points, the type of goods transported, and the current road conditions. Generally, shorter distances can be covered quickly, while longer hauls might take several days. We plan the most efficient routes to ensure timely delivery, and our team stays informed about potential delays like traffic or weather conditions.

Absolutely! We provide tracking for all shipments, allowing you to monitor the progress of your goods in real-time. This offers peace of mind and helps in planning for the arrival of your goods.

Yes, land freight is an optional part of the supply chain for international shipping by picking up goods from docks and warehouses and is often used for last-mile delivery. This is particularly relevant for countries with shared borders, like Singapore and Malaysia. Our team handles all necessary documentation and customs clearance, ensuring compliance with international shipping regulations. We’re experienced in cross-border regulations, which helps in smoothly moving goods from warehouses, across borders, and directly to their final destination.

Yes, we provide refrigerated transport services to meet the needs of goods that require temperature control during transit. This is ideal for perishable cargo like food, certain pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive products. Our refrigerated trucks have advanced cooling systems that maintain a consistent temperature, ensuring your products stay fresh and intact throughout their journey. We can accommodate a range of temperatures for containers and offer customisable solutions based on the specific needs of your cargo. Our team monitors and manages the temperature settings to maintain optimal conditions from pickup to delivery.

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