Vehicle Shipping

Shipping cars overseas? Choose SLG for your international vehicle shipping.

Vehicle shipping, also known as auto transport, involves the transportation of vehicles by sea, road, or air. It’s a popular choice for individuals and businesses needing to move cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles across continents. 

Our services cater to various shipping needs, whether you’re relocating, buying a vehicle from another country, or sending a car to a buyer overseas. We specialise in international car shipping services, providing safe and secure transport for your vehicle. 

For those looking to ship their vehicle to South Asia, our tailored solutions ensure that your car arrives safely and on time. We understand how important the safety of your vehicle is, which is why we offer extensive options to meet your shipping needs for complete convenience.

If you’re ready to ship a car or need more information about vehicle shipping, contact us today. Our team is here to assist with every step of the process for a smooth and hassle-free experience shipping your vehicle overseas.

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What Types of Vehicles Can I Ship Overseas?


Car shipping services provide a reliable solution for moving your vehicle over long distances or overseas. Whether you’re relocating or selling, these services ensure your car arrives safely at its destination.


Boat shipping services cater to various sizes, from small sailboats to large yachts, providing safe passage over land or sea. These services are designed to handle the unique challenges of transporting watercraft, especially out of gauge cargo.


Motorbike shipping offers specialised transport options to keep your motorcycle secure during transit. This service is perfect for enthusiasts and buyers looking to move their bikes safely.

Classic Cars

Shipping classic cars requires extra care and attention due to their value and sensitivity. We use enclosed shipping options to protect these valuable vehicles from the elements during transport.

Where Can I Ship My Vehicle?

Vehicle Shipping Process

Shipping Cars by RoRo

RoRo shipping, also known as Roll-on/Roll-off, is a cost-effective method where cars are driven directly onto the ship and secured on the cargo deck. It’s an ideal option for operable vehicles, offering a straightforward loading and unloading process. This method is widely used for its efficiency and lower cost than other shipping options.

Shipping Cars by Container 

Container services provide greater security and protection for vehicles, especially valuable or classic cars. Cars are loaded into a shipping container, accommodating one or more vehicles, reducing the risk of damage and exposure to the elements. This method is preferred for its added safety features and the ability to ship personal belongings along with the vehicle.

Shipping by Air Freight 

Air freight is the fastest vehicle shipping method, providing unmatched speed and reliability for urgent or high-value vehicle transport. Though more expensive, it offers high security and significantly shorter transit times, making it the go-to choice for shipping luxury cars, racing cars, or time-sensitive shipments.


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Vehicle Shipping FAQs

Can I ship my car from the UK?

Yes, you can ship your car from the UK to various destinations worldwide. Services are available to transport your vehicle safely and efficiently, whether by sea or air freight, depending on your needs and destination.

Generally, it’s not recommended to ship personal belongings inside your car due to security and customs regulations. However, some countries may allow a limited amount of personal items packed in the trunk or back seat under specific conditions.

While not mandatory, getting shipping insurance or shipment protection cover is highly recommended for international car shipping. It provides financial protection against potential damage or loss during transit, giving you peace of mind.

To prepare your car for international shipping, follow these steps to ensure your car’s safe and secure transportation: 

  • Clean your car inside and out for a smooth inspection process.
  • Remove all personal items and any custom accessories that can be easily detached.
  • Leave only about a quarter of the fuel in the tank, as a full tank poses safety risks.
  • Check for and document any existing damage for your records.
  • Ensure the battery is fully charged and that the car is in running condition unless specified otherwise.
  • Turn off the alarm system to prevent it from going off during transport.

With our dedicated network of integrated air, sea and ground transport routes and working with carefully selected carriers, SLG’s international car shipping solutions are what you’re looking for.

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