Freight Cargo Insurance

Ensure protection against any risks to your cargo with our expert freight cargo insurance services.

Freight cargo insurance provides cover against a range of risks and potential losses for your goods during transit, whether by air, land, sea, or rail. The coverage varies depending on the products, ranging from door-to-door protection to warehouse-to-warehouse coverage, allowing customers to select the insurance product that best suits their current requirements to protect cargo from risks such as:

  • Theft
  • Natural disasters such as tsunamis and earthquakes
  • Damages
  • Lost goods
  • Piracy

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Goods That Need Freight Cargo Insurance

Freight cargo insurance is essential for many businesses and individuals involved in transporting goods, but most commonly, businesses with goods such as:

High-Value Goods

High-value items like luxury goods are expensive due to the financial impact of damaged or lost items can be more significant.

Perishable Goods

Perishable goods like food products face spoilage, temperature variations, and time sensitivity risks.

Fragile Items

Fragile goods, such as glassware and ceramics, require special handling and are at a higher risk of damage.

Benefits Of Freight Cargo Insurance

Protection Against Financial Loss

Freight cargo insurance protects businesses against financial losses that can occur during the transit of their goods. With cargo insurance covering the value of the goods, it significantly reduces the financial impact if goods are lost, damaged or stolen.


Late delivery of goods can lead to financial repercussions known as ‘consequential damages’, and carriers and freight forwarders don’t typically cover these losses.

Contractual Requirements

In many international trade agreements, either the exporter or importer is required to have freight cargo insurance before the shipment of goods. Therefore, cargo insurance ensures that all parties are protected against potential financial losses.


Carriers are often not liable for losses caused by uncontrollable events like natural disasters. However, cargo insurance provides financial protection and peace of mind when carrier liability is insufficient or non-existent.

Why Choose Freight Cargo Insurance?


Our team of cargo insurance experts have extensive knowledge and experience in international shipping. 

Global Network

Leveraging our extensive global network, we provide cargo insurance for many ASEAN destinations.


We offer cost-efficient cargo insurance options tailored to provide the best coverage at a reasonable cost.

Prompt and Reliable

We are committed to providing dependable insurance solutions. Our focus on prompt service ensures that your cargo insurance needs are met quickly, helping to safeguard against any delays and disruptions.


Miles Covered




Deliveries On Time

Freight Cargo Insurance FAQs

How much does cargo insurance cost?

The cost of cargo insurance is calculated based on several factors, including the value of the goods, type of cargo, transportation mode and route risks. Our team works to provide a competitive and fair quote that reflects the specific needs and risks associated with your cargo.

We offer a range of cargo insurance policies to suit different freight and transportation methods. Contact a member of our team to discuss how our insurance policies can meet your cargo’s specific needs.

Applying for cargo insurance with us is straightforward when you use our freight services. Contact one of our cargo insurance experts, and we’ll guide you through selecting the appropriate coverage and handle all necessary documentation to ensure your cargo is insured promptly and correctly.

Contact our professional team and trust us to meet all your freight cargo insurance needs.

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