Out of Gauge Cargo

Experience efficient transport of odd size cargo with SLG Logistics, where every size is accommodated.

Out of gauge (OOG) cargo refers to items too big or oddly shaped to fit in a standard shipping container. This type of cargo requires special attention and expertise to handle safely and efficiently. At SLG Logistics, we specialise in managing these unique challenges as a special cargo freight forwarder.

OOG cargo often exceeds the dimensions of standard containers, making it challenging to transport. These items can be taller, wider, or longer than the standard container sizes, so they need special equipment and handling techniques.

OOG cargo is shipped using flat rack containers for wide or long items and open-top containers for tall items. Each piece of cargo is carefully secured to ensure safety during transit. For extremely large items, they might be shipped on a heavy-lift vessel. SLG Logistics plans the best route and transportation method for each OOG item, considering size, weight, and destination factors. We ensure safe, efficient delivery for all oversized cargo.

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What is considered OOG Cargo?

The team at SLG Logistics is skilled in handling all aspects of OOG cargo, ensuring your items are delivered safely and on time. Common examples of out-of-gauge cargo include:

Construction equipment

(like bulldozers and cranes)

Large automobiles

(such as luxury cars, trucks or buses)

Industrial machinery

(including wind turbines and generators)

Large sculptures

(or art installations)

Oversized structures

(like bridge sections or windmill blades)


(like boats and yachts)

Why Choose SLG for Transporting Out of Gauge Cargo?

Expert Handling

SLG Logistics employs skilled professionals and the right equipment for OOG handling, ensuring each oversized item is transported safely and arrives without damage.

Custom Solutions

We offer tailored shipping solutions for each unique OOG cargo, ensuring efficient and secure delivery while meeting specific client needs.

Reliable Tracking

SLG Logistics provides reliable tracking for all OOG shipments, giving you peace of mind with up-to-date information on your cargo’s journey.

Global Network

With a wide-reaching global network, we can effectively manage international OOG shipments, connecting you to any destination like India, China and Indonesia.


Miles Covered




Deliveries On Time

Out Of Gauge Cargo FAQs

What are the dimensions of out of gauge cargo?

Out of gauge cargo typically exceeds standard shipping containers’ dimensions and payload capacity. The measurements are:

  1. Length: Longer than 20 feet for a standard container and over 40 feet for extended ones.
  2. Width: Wider than 8 feet.
  3. Height: Taller than 8.6 feet.

The payload capacity also varies based on the cargo type and the container used. Generally, flat rack containers can handle heavier and bulkier items, while open-top containers are suited for tall items. The exact capacity depends on the container type and the shipping regulations of the destination. SLG Logistics ensures that all OOG cargo adheres to these specifications for safe and efficient transport.

To ship out of gauge cargo, contact a logistics company specialising in OOG shipments, like SLG Logistics. Provide detailed information about your cargo, including its dimensions, weight, and special handling requirements. We will then give you a cost estimate and plan the most suitable route and transportation method for your cargo. As a logistics company, we will also handle any necessary paperwork and ensure your cargo is secured correctly and compliant with shipping regulations. With our expertise, your OOG cargo will be safely and efficiently transported to its destination.

Transporting OOG containers involves several steps:

  1. Planning and Assessment: We first assess the cargo’s dimensions and weight. This helps in choosing a suitable container and planning the shipping route
  2. Container Selection: Depending on the cargo’s size, flat rack or open-top containers are used for OOG cargo.
  3. Secure Lashing: OOG cargo must be securely lashed to the container. This will prevent damage to nearby cargo during transit.
  4. Strategic Loading: The cargo’s location on the ship is strategically planned. This ensures other cargo can be unloaded first if needed.
  5. Monitoring and Tracking: Throughout the journey, the cargo is monitored. This ensures it remains secure and reaches its destination safely.

Ready to ship your out of gauge cargo? Contact SLG Logistics today, and let us take the load off your shoulders.

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