Breakbulk Shipping

Shipping special cargo shouldn’t be a headache. Choose our breakbulk shipping services for reliability and ease.

Breakbulk shipping is a method of transporting cargo or goods that cannot fit in standard-size shipping containers. Instead, break-bulk cargo is transported in other handling equipment like:

  • Boxes
  • Crates
  • Bags
  • Barrels
  • Drums 

We provide a complete solution that includes secure loading, bracing, and strapping your items onto cargo ships, managing all aspects from initial pickup to final delivery. We make sure every item is shipped safely, from the documentation and customs clearance to the actual transit, giving you peace of mind throughout the process.

If the cargo can’t fit into one of these containers, it is either rolled, lifted by a crane, or pushed onto a ship or barge for sea freight shipping.

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Breakbulk Ocean Shipping

Handling large-scale shipments, like heavy machinery or construction equipment, can be complex. At SLG Logistics, our breakbulk shipping services are designed to simplify the transport of non-containerised cargo.

Breakbulk shipping primarily uses ocean vessels to transport large, heavy items that can’t be loaded into standard containers. While air freight can be used for out-of-gauge cargo (OOG), it’s generally more expensive and limited by aircraft capacity. 

Ocean breakbulk shipping allows you to transport much larger volumes and weights, making it the preferred shipping method. It is equipped with specialised gear like cranes and flat racks to efficiently secure and transport these unusual loads.

Every shipment has requirements, so we customise our services to meet your specific shipping needs. Our team is prepared to work with you to plan out every detail, including arranging additional insurance. No matter the size or shape of your cargo, our experienced team treats every freight with care. We have a broad network of dependable partners and agents globally who expertly manage logistical challenges in various international markets.

What are the Benefits of Breakbulk Shipping?

Handling Diverse Cargo Types

Breakbulk is great for transporting varied shipments that don’t fit in a container. Whether it’s oversized cargo, heavy machinery, or uniquely shaped goods, breakbulk shipping allows for customised handling and securing methods for safe and efficient transport.


Breakbulk shipping can be more economical than container shipping for large or heavy items. It eliminates the need for disassembly into smaller parts to fit into containers, reducing labour costs and the risk of damage during disassembly and reassembly.

Easier Loading and Unloading

Break-bulk cargo can be directly rolled, lifted, or pushed onto the vessel, particularly helpful for ports lacking the extensive infrastructure required for container handling. This direct handling can speed up loading and unloading, reducing dock time and potentially lowering port charges.

Reduced Packaging Requirements

Break bulk shipping often requires less packaging than containerised shipping, as the items aren’t confined to the dimensions of a container. This not only saves on packaging costs but also reduces waste and environmental impact, making it a more sustainable choice for certain types of cargo.


Miles Covered




Deliveries On Time

Breakbulk Shipping FAQs

What is project cargo?

Project cargo involves the transportation of large, heavy, high-value, or intricate equipment, either domestically or internationally. This type of cargo may include materials sourced from various global locations or a single place. Managing project cargo needs planning to stay on schedule, within budget, and adhere to safety regulations throughout the transport process.

RoRo (Roll-on/Roll-off) and breakbulk are both methods for shipping large and heavy items, but they differ in how cargo is loaded onto the ship. RoRo involves vehicles or equipment driven directly onto the boat across a ramp, ideal for wheeled and mobile machinery. 

Breakbulk involves cargo loaded with cranes and other lifting devices suitable for cargo that cannot be driven or moved.

Container cargo is loaded into standardised shipping containers in various sizes, offering security and convenience for smaller, stackable items. 

Breakbulk cargo is items that are too large or heavy to fit into these containers and must be loaded individually, which requires more specialised handling.

Bulk cargo typically consists of loose materials loaded directly into a ship’s hold, such as grains, coal, or minerals, measured by weight or volume. 

Breakbulk cargo is individual items that are too large or heavy to be transported in containers or bulk and are loaded and unloaded from the vessel piece by piece.

Transporting your heavy and oversized items shouldn’t be stressful – with our help, it won’t be. Contact SLG Logistics today. 

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