Shipping from UK to China

Trust us to be your partner in bridging the distance between the UK and China efficiently and reliably.

Shipping from the UK to China involves navigating complex regulations and understanding the logistics landscape of the country. At SLG Logistics, we’re experts in handling this complexity, offering tailored solutions to your shipping needs. Whether you’re sending large industrial equipment or smaller commercial goods, our team make sure your items arrive safely and on time. We stay updated with the latest customs regulations to prevent delays or issues.

Our services include a range of options, from sea freight for cost-effective solutions to air freight for faster delivery. We work closely with you to determine the best route and mode of transport, considering factors like speed, cost, and the nature of your goods. Our dedicated support team is always available to provide updates and answer any questions, giving you peace of mind throughout the shipping process.

With SLG Logistics, shipping from the UK to the People’s Republic of China is straightforward. We take care of the details, from paperwork and Chinese customs clearance to final delivery, allowing you to focus on what you do best and run your business.

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Freight Forwarding from UK to China

Understanding the complexities of international shipping from the UK to China can be challenging, but you’re in capable hands with SLG Logistics. Our freight forwarding services offer a range of benefits designed to streamline the process and make sure your shipment arrives safely and efficiently

Expert Handling and Compliance

Freight forwarders like SLG Logistics guarantee your shipments comply with UK and China’s regulations, reducing the risk of delays due to customs issues. Our expertise means your goods are classified correctly, with all the documentation prepared to meet stringent standards.

Cost-Effective Solutions

By leveraging our extensive network and volume of shipments, we can offer competitive pricing for your freight needs. Whether you’re looking for the most economical or fastest route, we tailor solutions that balance cost with efficiency.

Seamless Logistics Coordination

We coordinate every aspect of your shipment, from pickup in the UK to delivery in China. This includes selecting the best carriers, arranging appropriate shipping routes, and handling any logistical challenges for a smooth transit of your goods.

Peace of Mind with Professional Support

Our dedicated support team is here to provide updates and answer any questions you may have throughout the shipping process. With SLG Logistics, you can rest assured that your shipment is in good hands, allowing you to focus on your business without worrying about logistics.

How to Ship from UK to China

What Items Can You Ship from UK to China?

You can ship a wide variety of items from the UK to China, covering both personal effects and commercial goods: 

  • Clothes, shoes and accessories
  • Make-up, toiletries and jewellery
  • British non-perishable foods, drinks, and tea
  • Wardrobes, dressing tables, beds, and chests of drawers
  • Sofas, armchairs, and TV units
  • Office furniture, server systems, computers, and work tools
  • Guitars, drum kits, and DJ equipment
  • Skis, golf clubs, surfboards, weights, and other sports equipment
  • Cars, bicycles, and motorbikes

Shipping from UK to China: The Process

Send Details

Document Prep

Send Goods

Export Customs

Ship Goods

Import Customs

Last-Mile Delivery

How Much Does it Cost to Ship from UK to China?

The cost of shipping from the UK to China varies based on factors like shipment size, mode of transport, and service level. Understanding these factors can help you budget effectively for your shipping needs.


Miles Covered




Deliveries On Time

Shipping from UK to China FAQs

How long does shipping take from UK to China?

Shipping time from the UK to China depends on the method: air freight usually takes about 3-8 working days, while sea freight can range from 20-40 days.

Yes, you can send food from the UK to China, but strict regulations apply. All food must be in original, unopened packaging and have a shelf life of over 6 months, possibly requiring additional paperwork.

Customs duties are generally required when you ship goods from the UK to China. The amount varies based on what you’re sending and its value. This can seem daunting, but SLG Logistics is here to guide you through the process. We can help you understand the customs declaration process so there are no surprises for you or the recipient.

Yes, items shipped from the UK to China are subject to import tax. The rate depends on the type and value of the goods. Negotiating these charges can be complex, but SLG Logistics makes it more accessible. We offer expert advice on handling these taxes, helping you manage the costs and complying with all regulations for a smooth customs clearance process.

China restricts or prohibits commodities in the processing trade to encourage higher value-added potential in imports. There are a few restricted items when sending a shipment to China, which are listed on their prohibited items list:

  • Arms, ammunition, and all types of explosives
  • Counterfeit currencies and securities
  • Any printed materials, magnetic media, films, or photographs against China’s political, economic, cultural, and moral standards
  • Lethal poisons
  • Illicit drugs
  • Animals and plants carrying diseases
  • Foods, medicines, and other goods from disease-stricken areas
  • Old or used garments
  • Local currency (Renminbi, RMB)
  • Food items with certain colourings and additives banned by the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC)

Looking for a hassle-free way to handle shipping requirements? SLG Logistics is ready to help. Contact us for expert guidance on your exporting to China needs.

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