Dangerous Cargo Shipping from UK to Myanmar

Trust SLG Logistics for Dangerous Cargo Shipping Solutions from UK to Myanmar

At SLG Logistics, we are dedicated to making sure your dangerous cargo is transported to Myanmar safely and fully compliant with international and local regulations. With extensive experience in logistics, we provide tailored, reliable, and efficient solutions for your specific shipping needs.

Navigating the shipment of dangerous goods involves complex regulatory requirements and handling protocols. Whether your cargo includes explosives, flammable liquids, toxic chemicals, or radioactive materials, we can expertly manage every process stage.

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We specialise in transporting a diverse range of hazardous materials, categorised under UN classifications from Class 1 to Class 9, each requiring specialised handling and compliance measures:

  • Class 1 (explosives): Dynamite, fireworks, and detonators.
  • Class 2 (gases): Compressed gases like propane and oxygen.
  • Class 3 (flammable liquids): Petrol, diesel, and various solvents.
  • Class 4 (flammable solids): Matches and specific chemicals.
  • Class 5 (oxidising substances and organic peroxides): Includes hydrogen peroxide and ammonium nitrate.
  • Class 6 (toxic and infectious substances): Pesticides and medical waste.
  • Class 7 (radioactive materials): Medical isotopes and certain industrial materials.
  • Class 8 (corrosive substances): Acids and bases.
  • Class 9 (miscellaneous dangerous goods): Lithium batteries and other regulated materials.

These classifications ensure that your dangerous goods are handled according to Myanmar’s stringent safety and regulatory standards.

Our Dangerous Cargo Process

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Last-Mile Delivery

Dangerous Goods Customs from UK to Myanmar

The Dangerous Goods Note (DGN) is important as it details the hazardous materials being transported to Myanmar and ensures they meet all safety regulations. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) also provide information on the properties and handling instructions for these materials.

Depending on the nature of the cargo, specific permits may be necessary to comply with Myanmar’s regulations. Proper packaging and labelling are essential, with labels indicating the type of hazard and conforming to international standards.

Myanmar’s customs regulations state that all imports of hazardous substances comply with the Environmental Protection and Management Act (EPMA) and relevant licensing requirements from the Ministry of Industry. Specific regulations under the Arms and Explosives Act govern the importation of explosives and related materials.​

Our expert customs clearance brokers guarantee accurate customs declarations to avoid delays and ensure smooth processing at both the UK and Myanmar borders.

Why Choose SLG for Dangerous Cargo Shipping from UK to Myanmar

Expert Handling & Compliance

Our team is highly trained in handling dangerous goods, ensuring compliance with regulations. We manage all necessary documentation and verify everything is in order before shipment, preventing legal or logistical issues.

Transportation Strategies

We use strategic route planning to choose the safest and most efficient paths for transporting dangerous goods. Our logistics experts consider all potential risks and regulatory requirements, making sure your cargo travels safely and arrives on time.

Safety Standards

We follow strict safety protocols, using specialised packaging and transportation methods to minimise risks. Our procedures ensure that your dangerous goods are handled carefully throughout the shipping process.

Global Reach

SLG Logistics has a global network that allows us to ship dangerous goods to and from many locations worldwide. Our extensive experience in international logistics ensures that your cargo will be handled professionally, no matter the destination.


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Contact a member of our expert team and trust us to meet all your dangerous goods handling needs to Myanmar.

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