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Effortless International Removals to Cambodia with SLG Logistics

Moving to Cambodia with SLG Logistics means embracing a new chapter with ease and confidence. We understand that relocating internationally can be daunting, whether it’s for personal or business reasons. At SLG Logistics, we commit to tailoring our services to meet each client’s individual needs, ensuring every aspect of the move is handled with expertise.

As professional international movers, our role is to simplify your transition to Cambodia. From packing your belongings with the utmost care to handling the intricate details of customs documentation, we aim to streamline the process. Our experienced team ensures that all your items are transported safely and arrive on time, adhering to all regulatory requirements.

Whether you’re moving to Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Battambang or beyond, choose SLG Logistics as your trusted partner. We take care of the logistics, allowing you to concentrate on settling into your new surroundings and exploring the opportunities that lie ahead. With SLG Logistics, you can look forward to a seamless move, knowing that every detail is managed by professionals dedicated to making your relocation experience as smooth as possible. Contact us for a quotation and to discuss your needs.

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Types of International Relocation Services

Personal Relocation

Our team expertly handles everything from securely packing household goods and personal effects to managing door-to-door logistics, including customs and paperwork. With our experience in household removals, your transition to your new home in Cambodia will be cost-effective, quick and smooth.

Commercial / Office Relocation

We are full-service movers, meaning we oversee all aspects, from securely packing office equipment to organising safe transport. Our advanced knowledge of shipping routes and our advanced logistics planning means we will minimise downtime for your business and promptly get your operations running in your new destination. Contact us to talk through the best solutions for you, including sending your most necessary equipment ahead by air freight.

Vehicle Relocation

We provide expert vehicle transportation, including cars, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles. We handle everything from secure packing and shipping to handling all necessary documentation and compliance with local regulations. Trust us to ensure your vehicle arrives safely and ready for use in Cambodia.

Pet Relocation

We make relocating to Cambodia easier for all the family—including your pets! We focus on every detail, from veterinary checks to compliance with Cambodian import regulations, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey for your pet. With our dedicated pet moving services, you can be confident your pet will arrive stress-free and ready to enjoy your new home.

Exibition & Artwork Relocation

SLG Relocation Services specialises in the relocation of exhibitions and artwork to Cambodia. We understand the need for careful handling and offer custom packing and crating to protect your valuable items during transit. Our team manages all logistics, including customs and insurance documentation, to ensure your art and exhibition pieces arrive in pristine condition, with options for expedited shipping if required.

Our Shipping Relocation Process From The UK to Cambodia

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Document Prep

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Export Customs

Ship Goods

Import Customs

Last-Mile Delivery

Customs Clearance for Relocating to Cambodia

SLG Relocation Services provides essential guidance and assistance with the customs clearance process when relocating your possessions overseas. Our team, knowledgeable in local rules and compliance with Cambodian customs regulations, ensures your shipments meet all legal requirements. We take care of all documentation and work closely with local authorities to overcome any challenges. We ensure your belongings pass through customs quickly and efficiently, facilitating a smooth start in your new home or office. Rely on SLG as your relocation specialists for thorough support throughout the customs clearance process.

Effective preparation before your move is important to avoid any issues. Start by cataloguing every item you’re moving for insurance and customs. Consult with our experts about Cambodia’s specific customs laws, including any possible restrictions or taxes on your imports. Consider having our professionals pack your goods to ensure they meet shipping specifications. Make sure all necessary personal and item-related documents are prepared and easily accessible for the customs process. These steps will streamline your move and prevent unnecessary delays and costs.


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With SLG Relocation Service’s focus on expert handling and commitment to safety, rest assured that your relocation to Cambodia is managed by the best in the business.

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