Relocation Services From The UK To Vietnam

Experience a hassle-free international relocation to Vietnam from the UK with SLG Relocation Services.

SLG Logistics will support your move to Vietnam, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable relocation experience from the UK.

Our thorough relocation services are designed to handle every detail of moving house. From packing and loading in the UK to safe delivery in Vietnam, we take care of the transportation of your belongings, enabling you to focus on the excitement of your new adventure.

Understanding that every move is unique, our move managers are dedicated to finding the right shipping solutions for you, whether it involves sea or air freight. We also provide additional options, such as insurance and storage solutions, to meet your specific needs.

Our experienced team prioritises the safety and care of your items, whether you’re moving cherished personal belongings or an entire household. We manage all logistical aspects of the relocation process, including customs clearance and documentation, supported by our reliable global network.

At SLG Logistics, we offer customised services to suit the individual needs of our clients, including vehicle shipping and pet relocation. We aim to ensure your relocation to Vietnam is as seamless and stress-free as possible.

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Types of International Relocation Services

Personal Relocation

Our bespoke international removal services from the UK are crafted to ensure a stress-free transition for both individuals and families. We manage every aspect of your relocation, from careful packing services to prompt delivery, ensuring your move overseas proceeds without a hitch. Depend on us to safely transport your belongings to Vietnam, whether you’re relocating just the essentials or your entire household.

Commercial / Office Relocation

We offer specialised shipping services to ensure a smooth transition at a reasonable cost. Our team takes care of everything from detailed packing to shipping so you are prepared to set up your new office space in Vietnam. Rely on us to oversee your move abroad, allowing you to concentrate on your business operations.

Vehicle Relocation

Our specialised vehicle shipping service provides dependable and safe international shipping for cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles. We handle all regulatory compliance and offer full insurance coverage to ensure your peace of mind during the entire shipping process.

Pet Relocation

If you’re moving house to Vietnam and bringing pets along, their safety and comfort are essential. We provide support for every aspect of your pet’s journey, from preparing the necessary documentation to guiding you through the Vietnamese customs and quarantine procedures.

Exibition & Artwork Relocation

Transporting art requires careful handling. Our customised relocation services are designed to protect and securely transport your exhibition pieces. We’ll work with you to discuss our packing services including packing materials, ensuring they suit your specific requirements. Our goal is to ensure your items arrive in perfect condition and ready for display, helping you focus solely on the success of your exhibition.

Our Shipping Relocation Process From The UK to Vietnam

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Document Prep

Send Goods

Export Customs

Ship Goods

Import Customs

Last-Mile Delivery

Customs Clearance for Relocating to Vietnam

Relocating to Vietnam involves navigating complex customs regulations. At SLG Logistics, we streamline this aspect by managing all the necessary documentation and liaising with Vietnamese customs officials to ensure a seamless move.

When moving personal items to Vietnam, you will need to complete detailed inventory lists and fill out customs declaration forms. While many household items and personal effects may not attract import duties, be prepared for significant duties on vehicles and alcohol. Our experienced move managers can provide strategies to help reduce the costs of your move.

It’s important to know about items that are restricted or cannot be imported. Certain medications must have the correct paperwork, fresh produce is generally not allowed, and some books and media might require prior approval from the authorities. You’re also limited to one electrical device per type, and luxury goods may attract higher duties. Speak to one of our team about whether bringing luxury items are cost effective.

SLG Logistics is committed to ensuring that you meet all customs regulations, preventing any potential delays or unexpected expenses. We offer expert advice on the most efficient and compliant methods for shipping your belongings, balancing cost and legal considerations.

With our thorough approach to customs clearance, we provide a stress-free relocation process so you can concentrate on getting settled in your new home in Vietnam.


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Whether moving solo or with family, SLG’s international relocation services make sure that your items arrive safely and securely at your new home in Vietnam.

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